“Retrospect” – Frosted Orange Aventurine Necklace

15mm frosted Orange Aventurine, 8mm Golden Tiger’s Eye, 8mm Crackle Quartz and 6mm Bronzite necklace in antique bronze, 18 1/2″ with magnetic clasp.


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“Retrospect” – Frosted Orange Aventurine Necklace


I think we can all agree that the words “Retro” and “Vintage” have changed drastically over the last few decades, as they are bound to, doubtlessly.  What is known by those phrases now were treasured parts of our own childhoods, and we never could have imagined anyone calling our cassette tapes and Simon Says “Retro”.  And yet, here we are.


I, for one, have a very different take on the phrase.  The images that are conjured up in my mind are that of warmth, comfort, and steadfast familiarity.  The linoleum floors in my Grandparents’ house that crackled when you walked on it.  The dusty rose or delicate flower tile that seemed to adorn almost every bathroom wall.  Wallpaper, hand-knit family afghans, the sound of a percolator brewing… and that couch that everyone agreed was simultaneously atrocious yet the most comfortable piece of furniture ever constructed.


There is a fondness for those out-of-date elements that I could never lose, no matter how modern the times may become.  They were not perfect by any stretch of the imagination as they have all been improved upon many times since, but they didn’t cease to earn our appreciation then and deserve every ounce of our admiration now.  They stood the test of time, being fashioned by hands who may not have been able to afford the best, but wanted the best for their families.  That heartfelt sentiment still being felt in the rooms that house their remnants to this day.


This is my tribute to what is, was and will ever be considered or remembered as a vintage part of our most treasured pasts.

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