CHAP Organic Vegan Lip Balm


Tube Size: 0.3 oz

ALLERGY NOTICE: All products contain almond oil. Do not use if you may have a nut allergy.

-> Basic Vegan
This classic combination blends wild-crafted candelilla wax with the hydration of organic shea butter, raw cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil and organic sweet almond oil. Creamy and effective against winter dehydration, with flavor notes of cocoa and almond.

This product is plastic-free in a recyclable cardboard tube. The tube is nearly double the size of a standard tube (0.3 oz). The plastic-free tube comes with a few trade-offs, including: you push it up with your finger (and you can’t twist it back down), it is not water resistant and can become oil stained over time (months).

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