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The Smoother is a brown sugar lip scrub made with coconut oil and blackstrap molasses. Then a bit of jojoba oil and beeswax are added in to create the perfect consistency and smoothing power.


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Guys! You know how when your significant other kisses you and their lips are so soft and supple? Don’t you want them to have that same experience? Use a lip scrub to remove rough, dead skin from your lips and provide your partner with that soft wonderful feeling for Valentine’s (or any) day!

Only use this a few times a week. Put a little bit of product on your finger and wipe across your lips. Rinse or wipe off to exfoliate your lips. Follow up with a CHAP lip balm.

CHAP small batch lip balms apply the ethos of small-batch brewing to lip care. Designed and made by a man who appreciates lip balm, the ingredients for these balms are curated carefully from organic and natural ingredients.

Handmade, cruelty-free, solar-powered, organic where possible, recyclable, committed to giving back to the community. Based in Champaign, Illinois.

Email with questions or requests.

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