Why Sell On My Community Made?

Why Sell on My Community Made?

You Have Full Control Over Your Shop

You choose what type of payments you’d like to accept on your store. You also control your shipping rates and shipping zones and can even set your own return policy.

You Can Stop Competing With Large Companies

We don’t allow any franchises, overseas sellers or multi-level marketing schemes sell on our platform. Your only competition are other small business owners in your local area.

You Can Interact With Your Customers Directly

Your customers can live-chat with you directly. Invite the rest of your team to your My Community Made account to ensure someone on your staff is ready to answer customer questions!

You Can Build Your Brand

Our site utilizes SEO that will build your businesses brand over time. In addition to your product and store schema, your social accounts and reviews also become associated with your MCM store.

You Can Maintain a Relationship With Your Customers

You interact directly with your customers. Your customers associate your storefront and your products with you, not us. Your customers can follow your store, join your mailing list and follow your social media without us bugging them too.

You Don't Have To Pay Anything To Start

My Community Made is free up to five products. That means you don’t have to pay a thing unless you’re finding real value in the service. If you do upgrade your plan, you’ll only be paying $5 a month for the right to post as many products as you’d like to your store. 

Ready To Get Started?