"The Witch" - Crackle Quartz & Hematite Single Statement Earring

Archetype Empowerment: The Witch.
Crackle Quartz and Hematite beads atop a mini bottle of my own special blend of black salt.


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The Witch archetype has long been seen as something otherworldly and thus unholy.  Their attunement to energies natural, celestial and spiritual – and ability to seemingly influence each in their own right – earning them the label of a mortal threat that must be vanquished; their preference for reclusive living well away from prying eyes only adding to the fears of them being a treacherous opponent.


Dear Witch, your empowerment is to embrace your sensitivity to the energies that surround our lives and that have been our saving grace for eons; from herbal and holistic remedies, to light and sound healing, and even prayers.  You have always known that their is more than meets the eye, and your willingness to use those sources for the good of all is an act of unmatched selflessness that is the prize of your existence.  Fear no retribution, for what you put out into the universe you will surely receive in kind.


“Mister, we’re all witches.”


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