"The Mermaid" - Larimar & Crackle Quartz Single Statement Earring

Archetype Empowerment: The Mermaid.
Larimar nugget with Crackle Quartz bead & faux pearl. Single statement earring.


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The following excerpt from rebellesociety.com says it better than I ever could…


“Historically, the Mermaid Archetype is everything that has been denied and demonized about women: their sexuality, their sensuality, their independence, their feelings, their power. Mermaid women today are healing those ancient wounds so that they can stand strong as powerful, feminine forces in the world.”


Dear Mermaid, your empowerment is to unapologetically ebb and flow with the tide and change direction whenever you see fit.  Fluidity of movement, character, needs and desires are all within your right and necessary for your wellbeing.  Embrace the cycles that move you into times of action or repose.  Your femininity and grace is your power; don’t let the world run you dry.


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