"The Faerie" - Fluorite Mushroom Single Statement Earring

Archetype Empowerment: The Faerie.
Fluorite mushroom, Crackle Quartz bead and Sunstone chips. Adorned with backyard-harvested sage, lavender, snail shell and Cicada secondary wing. Single statement earring.


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The Faerie Archetype is highly misunderstood due to their avoidant and highly secretive nature; rarely opening themselves up to others.  They are often seen as flippant and childish… seemingly without a care for more serious matters, making them oftentimes admonished for being mischievous creators of chaos.


Dear Faerie, your empowerment is to continue seeing the world through the childlike eyes of wonder and never allow hardened hearts to dim your light.  Your energy creates magic and is a precious commodity, thus you are justified in protecting yourself from those who seek to drain your essence.  Allow your curiosity to lead you to the places most only see in their dreams and revel in the amusement that you see easily find in day-to-day life; your pure joy is a gift that many will never come to find.


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