Personalized Letter From Santa Sent You Can Mail To Your Child. Postmarked North Pole, Santa Letter, Santa Claus Letter, Personal Letter


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We will send you a file for you to print for your child a personalized letter from Santa. Pick from the 4 letter styles below. We can send it in cursive or print. You will be able to send your letter by the usps with a North Pole printed on the envelope of course it will still have stamps and coming from the state you live in or where you mail it at. All you need is a printer or take it to have it printed. Just send us a message telling us which letter number you want. Also if you want to personalize the letter different than what the letters say. Just tell us what you want and we will get it done. This is a download. You will download the letter once it is finish and the envelope address.

Letter (1)
Hi Mary
I am well on the way to getting all the presents together, Rudolph is getting fat so that he doesn’t run out of energy before I finish delivering all the presents. I will be flying over Omaha on Christmas Eve so I’ll make sure I don’t miss you or your friend Melinda.

I know what you want for Christmas but I am having a bit of trouble getting one of your presents but I wont give up, because I know that you have been a very good girl for most of this year and as you are 10 years old that is so nice to hear. I’m really pleased when you are good.

The elves are so busy that I am having a hard job keeping them going, but I have promised them a holiday when all the presents are ready so that is something they are looking forward to.

I know what you really want for Christmas and I have a few more ideas which I am hoping to get before you wake up on Christmas Day.

Mrs Claus is busy getting all the reindeer ready because she does that better than me, and she likes the snow, we get so much snow here that she spends most of the time out in it. Ho Ho Ho.

I hope you have a very nice Christmas and continue to be good next year so that I can come and visit you again.
Love Santa

Letter (2)
Ho Ho Ho Randy
Well Christmas is here and I bet you are looking forward to getting some presents from me. I know what you want for Christmas and the elves are working very hard to get all the presents finished in time. I have heard that you have been extra good for somebody who is 7 years old so very well done, I hope you can continue being good next year too.

Rudolph and Blitzen are fighting because they want to get going, they are looking forward to you leaving them a nice big carrot, and I am looking forward to my cookies and some milk, but please only leave me a small cookie because if I get too fat I wont be able to sit on the sleigh Ho Ho Ho.

Mrs Claus is shining Rudolph’s nose so we can see where we are going, but he isn’t too happy with that as all the other reindeer laugh at him. He keeps hiding in the snow which is very deep here at the moment but Mrs Claus likes the snow so she is happy.

Well young man I will be flying over Elkhorn on Christmas Eve so I’ll make sure you and your friend Freddy get your presents, but only if you go to sleep early.
Love Santa

Letter (3)
Hello Mollie and Melinda
I have been told that you have been a very good girls for a long time now and that you deserve some presents, well in that case I will try and make sure that the presents you want are on the sleigh. I have to deliver to so many good children this year that it is going to be hard to figure out who to go to first.

Mrs Claus is helping me to keep the elves working hard so that all the presents are done in time, we have had to promise them a big muffin each when they have finished, as they do like their muffins Ho Ho Ho. But I think they prefer to play in the snow, building snowmen to frighten Mrs Claus.

Rudolph is fit and ready for the long journey as are all the other reindeer so if you wouldn’t mind could you please leave a few carrots out for the reindeer to keep their energy up and I wouldn’t mind a cookie and a glass of milk for myself.

We will be flying over Minden on Christmas Eve so you and your friends Stacy and Joe should make sure you are tucked up in bed.

It was great to hear you have been a good girls this year and I hope you can be a good girls next year as well, especially as you are only 3 years old.

Have a lovely Christmas, and don’t forget to go to bed early because I will be watching to make sure you are asleep. Ho Ho Ho.
Love Santa

Letter (4)
Personalized Letter
Or we can personalize the letter however you want. Just let us know what you want.

please message me and I can figure in the shipping for you.

This does not apply to readings or digital content.

Thank you


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Personalized Letter From Santa Sent You Can Mail To Your Child. Postmarked North Pole, Santa Letter, Santa Claus Letter, Personal Letter