“Par Excellence” – Men’s or Women’s Pyrite Stretch Bracelets

6mm or 8mm Pyrite rondelle stretch bracelets, made to order in any size (specify desired size in order notes.)


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“Par Excellence” – Men’s or Women’s Pyrite Stretch Bracelets


Beyond what you see at surface level is something quite remarkable; a version of yourself unlike any other that came before. You scratched and clawed your way to achieving something better – something more – for yourself and what you give to the world. The fact that you never quit when every bone in your body quivered under the strain inflicted upon you is only confirmation that you have been traveling the path to your destiny this entire time.


And look at you now.


You are a vision brought to reality by application and sheer fortitude. A shining light of hope for all who dream of taking the same road towards overcoming themselves.


If only you could see it, though. If only you realized how many demons lay defenseless at your feet, unable to reclaim the power they once held over you. If only you had insight as to how your quiet determination has brought about an entirely new way of living and seeing life.


If you have any failing at all, it’s that you still cannot see the new world that you have created for yourself. You have integrated all that was necessary to advance you, yet still you deny yourself the glory of your own success. It’s been a hard-fought battle to get here, and what victory will you allow yourself celebration if not this one?


Permit yourself the revelry befitting the warrior who returns from battles won. You are a being, ‘par excellence’; yourself in your greatest form.

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