"Lady of The Lake" - Dragon Vein Agate & Mother-of-Pearl Infinity Bead Necklace

“Lady of The Lake”
8mm Dragon’s Vein Agate (natural agate, dyed) & Mother-of-Pearl infinity necklace, approximately 26″.


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In medieval lore, the Lady of The Lake is actually more of a title earned rather than one specific entity.  One such Lady is credited for giving King Arthur the magical sword “Excalibur” and for raising Lancelot.


A magical water enchantress, the Lady of The Lake persona can be traced back to Celtic origins depicting a lake Faerie, though her true origins are still not well known.  However, she always carries with her a common theme among those who bare her name; she is often written as a beguiling and seductive being, both generous and selfish with a headstrong streak a mile wide.  She gets what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer.  At the same time she is nurturing and thoughtful… always looking out for those whom she holds in high regard.


Who is the Lady of The Lake in your life?


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