“Keep The Peace” – Emerald & Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

8mm square cut Emeralds, 8mm matte Black Agate rondelles and 6mm faceted Hematite rondelles with stainless steel accents.


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“Keep The Peace” – Emerald & Gemstone Stretch Bracelet


A good negotiator requires a skill set of balanced attributes; accepting yet firm, thoughtful yet determined… showing pliancy while still being decisive in their words and actions. Their goal is to create a space that has benefit for all parties involved, and deploying every ounce of wit and eloquence possessed, they graciously weave the threads that bring split halves together to be whole once more.


Be they matters personal or interpersonal in nature, it takes a courageous heart to enter into talks with sides of opposition. Sometimes we stand on the outside of it all, offering a neutral ground to see both arguments and offer an agreeable solution. Other times we are right in the thick of it, our own needs and desires requiring a compromise in order to achieve equilibrium with our counterpart. Either instance requires the foresight to anticipate what the grievances may be, and the compassion to handle them as the opposing side deems necessary.


Business affairs, friendships, great loves, and even your relationship with yourself will all – at some point – plead with you to find the solace of middle ground for all to stand. The question is, can you hold your power but still be able to bend? For it’s not the swaying tree that breaks in a storm, but the one too rigid to comply with the wind’s request.

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