Annual Cicada Tribute Necklace

Features 10mm matte Kambaba Jasper, 8mm faceted Riverstone rondelles and 8mm Lava Rock heishi discs with silvertone accents. Approximately 19″ with magnetic clasp.


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Annual Cicada Tribute Necklace


This piece contains minerals with a lineage as ancient as the Cicada’s; Kambaba Jasper (fossilized algae), Lava Rock, and Riverstone (an amalgamation of hardened river sediment).

Until recent years, I have always had a strong aversion to insects of any kind. It was something instilled into me during my childhood that took a long time to shake off. But after moving to the South, I quickly learned that if you want to make the most of the Spring and Summer weather, you better be prepared to share the enjoyment with some “creepy-crawly” friends.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long for me to realize that they were just that; friends to relish life’s simple pleasures with. Insects of all kinds serve an immeasurable purpose, even in the simple backyard ecosystem. Cicadas are no exception. They typically foretell the hottest part of the season, bring a literal buzz of excitement to the air, and provide the local wildlife with a flush of nourishing food.

Cicadas also tell a story of extreme transformation; a momentous rebirth after eons of still darkness. Even though they may spend so much time encased in perpetual lightless existence, they emerge with an immediate desire to make every moment count. What sounds like ear-grating electrical static to us is a song of Carpe Diem… a joyous exclamation that they will surely seize every opportunity that they day may bring. That’s an attitude we can all aspire to. ❤️


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