“In The Clouds” – Lapis & Howlite Stretch Bracelet, 7″

6x12mm Lapis and 8mm Howlite rondelles with silvertone accents, size 7″.


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“In The Clouds” – Lapis & Howlite Stretch Bracelet, 7″


If someone has ever told you that “your head is in the clouds,” you are well aware that it is meant as a critical and even somewhat derogatory statement. It means you are being conceived as aloof, unaware, and altogether disconnected from present circumstances. It’s a popular phrase we use with children and adolescents whose daydreaming stages often cause them to lose track of the simplest things, much to their guardians’ chagrin.


Slowly and methodically, from adolescence right through adulthood, it is drilled into us that a wandering mind is an idle or even dangerous thing, showing no immediate gains in a world hellbent on having every second accounted for. It also tends to brand the individual with being a bit radical, as their thoughts brought back from the ethers are often not in-toe with those of the majority populace.


But I say to you now, there is astonishing beauty in the view from up here; a broader perspective of what is often too close to your nose to really see properly. A freedom from worldly restraints, yes, but not completely without bounds, for you do still have to learn how to glide along the currents without being tossed in the winds. There is a whole other world of wonders, both tempestuous and serene, that not all have the courage or ability to navigate.


Far from a waste of time, I would encourage all even just a few moments out of each day to dance along the atmosphere of possibility. Take in the view from a higher plane and reasses what you see below. Let the winds sweep you across the skies of fresh perspectives, and perhaps even bash you around a bit in a storm of renewed awareness. The only way to know if your wings will hold you up is to make that leap to soar.

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