“Braveheart” – Dragon Bloodstone Stretch Bead Bracelet

8mm Dragon’s Blood Jasper w/antique copper accents, approximately 7 1/2″. Custom sizing available upon request (pattern may be altered slightly to accommodate a different size).


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“Braveheart” – Dragon Bloodstone Stretch Bead Bracelet


Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a stone of immense courage and was once given to warriors as a talisman for protection. It is also known for being able to hit the reset button for an individual’s lifeforce energy, or “Prana”, effectively rebuilding vitality across all levels of the spiritual and etheric body.


A priceless ally in battles physical, mental and spiritual, Dragon’s Blood’s ferocious drive is tempered by its deep connection to the heart Chakra. The self-affirming characteristics of this stone help to break bad habits and patterns from a place of love and understanding, rather than the self-deprecating behavior that we usually display towards ourselves.  Dragon’s Blood knows that true support comes from building someone up rather than tearing them down.


For those who tend to shy away from emotional vulnerability, this stone also helps you to express feelings and affection for another without resistance, realizing that actions taken from the heart is a raw beauty unmatched by anything in the cosmos.


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