“The Wise One” – Chrysocolla Stretch Bead Ankle Bracelet

6mm Chrysocolla Anklet w/diamond-cut stainless steel accents, approximately 9 1/2″.  Custom sizing available upon request (pattern may be altered slightly to accommodate a different size).


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“The Wise One” – Chrysocolla Stretch Bead Ankle Bracelet


Though long associated with Kings, Chrysocolla speaks to and evokes Feminine energy moreso than masculine.  A true stone of womanly wisdom, Chrysocolla begs the seeker to dive into a world of great insight and understanding of self, your purpose and your place in the grand scheme of things.  It is also known to make dreams more vivid/easier to remember upon waking.


This is also a stone of immense calm and can be an effective antidote for depression, anxiety and a restless mind as it harbors the perfect balanced energy between Earth and Water.  In fact, Chrysocolla is said to be so calming that it can lower your blood pressure.


I find that the energetic interplay of Chrysocolla makes it a stone of playfulness as well as temperance.  You will immediately feel uplifted and carefree when in the presence of this stone; perhaps having adventures or taking chances on things you never saw yourself attempting in the past.  At the same time it knows there is moderation in all things and will gently nudge you if you are in danger of going to one extreme or the other.


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