Genuine Blue Kyanite Stretch Bracelet, 7″

Handmade durable stretch bracelet featuring 10mm natural blue Kyanite discs alternating with diamond cut stainless steel accents, approximately 7″.


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Genuine Blue Kyanite Stretch Bracelet, 7″


Kyanite is an extremely high-vibrational gem that can move vast amounts of energy, making it the perfect companion for all levels of healing. It is one of only 2 crystals in the world that does not retain negative energy, and thus never needs to be cleansed itself. In fact, you can use blue Kyanite to cleanse your other gems and minerals as it is a master of energy transmutation.


Kyanite is all about calm, communication and intuition. Its ability to move energy so freely effectively opens pathways to stronger connections with your Spirit Team, Totem Animals, Guardian Angels, etc., allowing you to receive clearer communication from them and be able to speak to them with more clarity as well.


This is also a stone that encourages you to take risks for the sake of love. Its gently guiding demeanor helps to facilitate the pursuit of connection on the deepest of levels.


Being a stone of both the elements Air and Water makes blue Kyanite a particularly balancing stone; realigning all Chakras, removing stuck emotions and bringing peaceful flow back into your life. Stagnation of any kind has no place where Kyanite is concerned.


The mind can be such a cumbersome and lonely place to reside, but Kyanite takes us by the hand and shows us a world within our world that has no room for anything but the strongest forms of love and divine wisdom for our highest good. Rest assured that you never have to do anything alone… there are always forces and energies working with the highest love for you and keeping your best interests in mind. You need only allow it to flow.


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