“The Extra Mile” – African Bloodstone Stretch Bead Ankle Bracelet

6mm African Bloodstone Anklet w/antique bronze accents, approximately 9 3/4″.


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“The Extra Mile” – African Bloodstone Stretch Bead Ankle Bracelet


African Bloodstone encourages physical endurance and stamina while also increasing willpower and the drive to keep pushing through the difficult moments, effectively turning “I can’t” into “I WILL”.


Much like the element of Copper, African Bloodstone promotes good blood circulation, helping to ease stiffness and inflammation.  Also like Copper, it has a reputation for purifying the blood as well.


Truly a stone for balancing and synching body, mind and spirit, African Bloodstone’s goal is to help you achieve growth and maintain healthy goals with an optimistic rather than defeatist attitude.


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