“Clean Slate” – Maifanite Stretch Bead Bracelet

8mm Maifanite w/antique copper accents, approximately 7 1/2″.


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“Clean Slate” – Maifanite Stretch Bead Bracelet


What makes this mineral so incredible is its unmatched ability to remove soluble heavy metals and gaseous toxins (such as chlorine and flouride) from water, which has effectively earned it one of its practical applications in home water filtration systems.


Maifanite also boasts the ability “activate” water; that is, to increase the efficiency of water/mineral absorption on a cellular level, making it a popular choice for potting water-storing plants such as succulents and cacti.  In fact, dipping Maifan stone in boiling rice or a cup of tea is said to help increase the nutrient uptake of both.  And believe it or not, its durable yet smooth structure has even earned it a place as a coating for non-stick cookware!


A reputation for detoxification and cellular rejuvenation has earned Maifan stone bragging rights as The Stone of Everlasting Youth.  Age comes with wear and tear, so it stands to reason that if your body doesn’t have to work so hard to properly maintain itself, the aging process slows considerably.


For me, Maifanite also brings with it sincere peace of mind any time I handle or wear it.  Perhaps because it is doing the majority of the physical work for me, and that allows my body and mind to become more relaxed.  Whatever it is, I cannot deny the soothing effect that this stone has on me.  A true sense of Zen in a chaotic world.


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