Car Coasters – Neoprene

Neoprene car coasters are 2-1/2″ round.


Car Coasters – Neoprene


Choose one or more of your favorite neoprene car coasters to put into your car to help keep your cup holder area clean, free of debris and condensation from your drinks.  These car coasters are 2-1/2 inches around and fit most vehicles.  Use the notch on the side of the coaster to easily remove the coaster out of the cup holder.  Choose your favorite design and color to make the perfect gift for that special someone or keep it for yourself.  You can choose your favorite design from our multiple designs within each of our dachshund collection (dachshund silhouette, long hair dachshund, doxies around a heart, doxie with a heart, doxie in a heart, kissing dachshunds, dachshund chasing a butterfly, dachshund with a butterfly on its nose, doxie with “love” and more), various dog breed collection (including chihuahua, Aussie, boxer with ears up or down, Frenchie, Labrador, pit bull, Pomeranian, sheepdog, great dane with ears up or down, jack Russell, husky, sheltie, german shepherd, corgi, beagle, papillon, poodle, pug, schnauzer, yorkie and more), marine life collection (including duck, penguin, sea lion, sea shells, manatee, turtles, seahorses, dolphins, swans and more), wild life collection (including badger, snake, wolves, butterflies, cardinals, ravens, owls, deer, and more), specialty collection (which includes a variety of crosses, roses, hearts, music notes, music symbols, elves, castles, symbols, phoenix, paw, paw in a heart, and more) or domestic collection (including cats, horses, unicorns, horseshoes, rabbits). 


We have a wide variety of colors to choose from as well ranging from blues (sky blue, true blue, blue, watercolor blue), greens (forest green, green, sea green, watercolor green), gray, red, rose red yellow, purple, lilac, watercolor purple, black, party pink, rose pink, pink lemonade, marbles (pink/red marble, blue marble, purple marble), pink galaxy, purple galaxy, blue galaxy, red galaxy, random teal galaxy star, random blue galaxy star pattern, random blue pattern, random red pattern, random pink pattern, random blue/pink pattern, random green pattern, random purple pattern, watermelon marble, watercolor melon, distressed medium teal, distressed dark teal, distressed medium blue, distressed dark blue, distressed brown, distressed rust, distressed mustard, distressed cream, mermaid rainbow, rainbow stripe, random rainbow. 


As these car coaster designs are made from ink sublimation, you do not need to worry about the design coming off if it gets wet from your cup sweating in the cup holder.  The ink is heated into the car coaster.  You are able to wash these coasters safely as well, though I would not recommend drying them as I’m not sure if that would end up cracking the the neoprene base.  I hope you enjoy these car coasters as much I enjoy making them – this was an introduction into a new product for me as I had never heard of them before.  I had had a few customers ask me if I made them and after the 3rd or 4th person asking me, I looked them up and decided this was definitely something I could do and introduced it into my product line and I’m very glad I did.  If you would like a design on your car coaster that you do not see, please let me know and you can special order it and as long as I’m able to put it on the car coaster, I will definitely do it for you at no extra cost.


These are a very popular item – buy a single one for $1.75 or 2/$3.00.  Buy a couple for yourself and buy a couple for your other vehicle and for other members of your family as well.  They are extremely reasonably priced and are a very nice product.  Most of my customers buy four or more at a time.

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long dachshund, kissing dachshund, heart in dachshund, dachshund chasing butterfly, beagle, boxer – ears up, boxer – ears down, chihuahua, chihuahua – long hair, corgi, frenchie, dachshund – smoth coat, dachshund – long coat, german shepherd, great dane – ears up, great dane – ears down, papillon, pit bull, pomeranian, poodle, pug, schnauzer, sheepdog, shetland sheepdog, yorkie, cat – paw up, cat – sitting, horse – rearing, horse – running, horse – standing, horse head, dolphin, dolphin – kissing around heart, duck with hearts, manatee, seahorse, swans, turtle, castle, rose, love is in the air, cardinal, owl, stag, wolf howling, wolf with moon, wolf family, Dachshund with butterfly on its nose, aussie, labrador, husky, penguin, sea lion, badger, snake, raven, cross in heart, music eighth notes, phoenix, paw in heart, unicorn, rabbit, horseshoe


party pink, rose pink, pink galaxy, pink lemonade, pink/red marble pattern, random pink pattern, rose red, red galaxy, orange, yellow, green, forest green, sea green, watercolor green, random green pattern, distressed medium teal, distressed deark teal, random teal galaxy star, blue, sky blue, true blue, distressed medium blue, distressed dark blue, watercolor blue, random blue pattern, random blue/pink pattern, blue galaxy star, lilac, purple, dark purple marble, purple/black marble, watercolor purple, random purple pattern, galaxy purple, black/red check, gray, gray galaxy, random gray pattern, brown, distressed brown, brown stripe rainbow, rust, distressed rust, distressed cream, mermaid rainbow, random rainbow, rainbow stripe, watermelon marble, watercolor melon


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