“As One” – Strawberry Quartz Stretch Bead Bracelet

8mm Strawberry Quartz & Blue Tiger’s Eye with silvertone accents, 7 1/2″.


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“As One” – Strawberry Quartz Stretch Bead Bracelet


There are two sides to everything; light and shadow, compassion and boundaries, feminine and masculine, and so on.Β  Each of these without the other will fail to operate in their fullest potential; they are not stand-alone attributes but rather gears that work in tandem to propel the machine forward.Β  Likewise, neglecting or disabling any of the gears causes failure to the entire system.

In honoring and encouraging those characteristics we most like about ourselves, we must also honor and encourage exploration of those things we feel are better left hidden.Β  Attempting to banish them to the depths only gives them more thrust to return to the surface, leaving all others we cherished before scattered in the wake.

To move as a cohesive unit requires cooperation, and cooperation takes implicit trust to achieve.Β  All working together at the same level of strength, all focused on the same end goal.Β  Think of it like the squeaky wheel getting the grease; it’s not simply to quiet the wheel, but to ease the resistance so motion can take place freely once more and limiting the possibility of subsequent damage to previously operational parts.

When we take care of ourselves, we tend to focus on our favorite parts rather than the ones that are becoming noisy and building up rust.Β  But to be truly swift and graceful in our lives requires heavy maintenance of the hard-to-reach areas and not simply keeping the surface polished.Β  Today and every day, make it a point to tend to those areas that help to move you as a whole… as one with yourself and your surroundings.

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