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You can choose whether or not to receive payments through your store. You have the option to allow users to purchase with cash or even to pay over the phone. You will still be able to record your purchase in your store and receive reviews. 

To receive payments through your online store, you’ll need to set-up one of the available payment processors. 

At the moment, these payment gateways include Stripe and PayPal.

My Community Made utilizes Stripe Connect for Stripe payments:

The only difference between the free and paid tiers of My Community Made is the number of products a seller account can list. 

With the free tier sellers can list only up to five items. With a paid account sellers can list an unlimited amount of items.

Just about anything! 

We don’t allow drugs, alcohol or sexually explicit materials to be sold via the My Community Made platform. 

We also don’t allow any Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Referral Marketing companies or affiliates of any kind to sell their products on the marketplace. 

My Community Made is meant for crafters and small business owners only.

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