Bring Your Own Payments Integration

My Community Made allows business owners to collect payments with either PayPal or Stripe. We don’t charge any Payment Processing or Transaction Fees, so you should take a look at the Stripe or PayPal website for their processing fees before making your choice. No matter which option you pick customers will be able to purchase using either a Credit Card or PayPal!

Top Quality Analytics

Grow your business faster by receiving in-depth data on how your business is growing. Our system pulls data directly from the site’s Google Analytics, and gives you data on how much time users spend on your product pages, what keywords you’re ranking for and which locations

SEO section

Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tools

Control every aspect of how your business is found on the web. Our system allows you to control which keywords you want to rank for on and off My Community Made. 

Our system will help you rank for keywords by allowing you to edit how your listing appears in Google Search Results, while providing you information on how to rank higher for your chosen keywords. 

Additionally, all products on My Community Made are synced with Google Shopping and Google Search Console, providing even more benefits for your brand.

Flexible Shipping System

Our system allows you to offer shipping in any configuration you can imagine.

Want to charge shipping based on the number of products the customer orders? You can do that.

Want to offer free shipping on orders over a set amount of money? You can do that

Want to offer free pickup/delivery options for your postal code? You can do that too. 

The best part is, you can reach out to our support team whenever you need help implementing a more complex shipping scheme.

product edit

In Depth Product Editing

Our site uses an in-depth product listing experience. Users can list products with variations (color, material and etc) and prices and can even list an external product if they prefer to finish the sale on their own website.

Images and Video can be added to your product to help customers understand exactly what you’re selling.

Additionally, we can manage your inventory as well, with an in-site inventory management system. 

Similar to the Store SEO shown above, each product also comes with it’s own suite of SEO options that allow you to control every aspect of how that product is marketed to customers.

Passive Product Advertising

Your product is automatically advertised by us at My Community Made on both Facebook and Google. We make sure all products on the site are seen by potential customers and by grouping multiple store products together into a single ad we decrease the overall cost of advertising.

Additionally, we are always showing off vendor stores and products in our My Community Made newsletter and on our social pages. If you’re looking for even more product views, vendors can choose to pay for product advertising, allowing their products to show at the top of the MCM store homepage and in a featured position on our social medias and newsletter.

FB ads

Top Quality Support

My Community Made is managed by the team at Fisher Tech Solutions LLC, meaning, when you’re having trouble making a change on your site and you contact our support team, you receive help from the very developers that have built the site and know the ins and outs of how it works.